Pressure Regulators

    Müller Gas Equipment A/S manufacture high-quality pressure regulators for propane, butane and natural gas installations. The regulators may be equipped with safety devices against underpressure and overpressure in the installation and they have a variety of combinations which may be adjusted to any installation.

    The regulators and safety devices, which comply with the European Standards among others, may be delivered with regulator and activation pressures in accordance with your requests and may be fitted on to cylinder bundles, tanks or pipelines. The regulators are used as single or two-stage regulators.

    Müller Gas Equipment A/S also manufacture taps, fittings and equipment for regulators and safety devices, and we are pleased to make our know-how in the development of new products meeting your needs available to you.


    Automatic change-over device


    Carbonater CO2 regulator